This is a list of the highly recommended products I use in my every day life.


For Health:

1. Vitamineral Green

When I was 22 years old I found myself in a very depressed state in life. I didn’t have a job, had absolutely no money, and I was three weeks behind on my rent. Feeling like crap was the norm for me, and it wasn’t uncommon for me to be sleeping in until 4 or 5 o’clock in the afternoon every day.

I was at a crossroads in life, so to speak. I had a decision to make; I needed to turn my life around, but I didn’t know how. How does a person get from where they are to where they want to be when they have absolutely no motivation to do so? I admittedly caught myself listening to some Tony Robbins tapes (you know, the goofy looking late night motivational infomercial guy) here and there looking for some type of boost to get myself out of the hole that I’d dug myself into. Well, on one of the programs Tony started talking about health and personal fitness as being a huge part of the motivation puzzle for getting your life from where it is to where you want to be. On that chapter he started talking about the importance of taking a green superfoods supplement and “alkalizing and energizing” your body to achieve optimal health.

Right then and there I made a decision: If I was going to get on the right path, I needed to get healthy then and there. Well, I went to my local organic market and they told me that this was the best greens superfood on the market, so I went ahead and bought it. I really had no idea what I was in for. At first I started with a small quantity like the bottle suggested of about one teaspoon a day mixed with water. It tasted horrible to me at first; I could hardly keep the stuff down. Later someone told me that when your body is highly acidic it’s not going to taste good until your body becomes more alkalized. Well that happened to be the case for me.

After about a week of drinking it I began to feel a radical change in my body. It started to taste a little better, but I felt like I was getting a bit sick from the stuff. I took that as a sign of detoxification. When your body releases all the garbage it’s been storing up in random places you’re generally going to feel a lot worse until you’ve completely detoxed. At this point, I didn’t really care so I started going heavy duty on the stuff, taking in 2+ tablespoons of it daily mixed with water. The detox went into hyper-drive and I was wiped out sick for about 3 more days.

Once I made it past the sickness I had a level of mind clarity like I had never experienced before. I felt like my mind was being opened to an entire new world that I had never experienced up to that point. I was living in a level of pain before the product that I never knew existed. I know this because once I stop taking the product for a few days I immediately feel my energy levels drop, and I notice that I’m generally just not feeling as “alive” as when I am taking it. The second I get going on it again, I feel myself coming back into alignment with the way I should be. Kind of like a drug addict who needs his fix. Yep, I am ADDICTED TO THE FEELING THAT IT GIVES ME! PURE ENERGY!

Am I freaking you out yet? LOL

Here’s my daily ritual. I could mix it in with a smoothie, but I like my smoothies more fruity, so I prefer to mix 2+ tablespoons of this stuff into about a quart of water. I just drink it for about an hour every day after work.

There you go. I hope you give this stuff a try. In my opinion it’s hands down the best nutritional product I’ve ever taken up to this point.

Give it a try. You can buy it HERE off for the lowest price available.


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